twa-chelseagrinx said:
10 facts about yourself then pass it on to 10 of your favourite followers :)

Err… okay.

1. I don’t eat breakfast.
2. Guys with strong jaw lines are my kryptonite.
3. I love staring at the moon.
4. I always pay attention to details.
5. I obsess over things easily (right now I’m obsessed with someone’s voice).
6. My favorite color is blue.
7. I’m trying to learn Japanese.
8. I’m a cat person.
9. I wear eyeglasses.
10. I have approximate knowledge of many things.

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stewarthings said:
you have and make just the best themes gabi *crowned* much love and happy holidays!! :3 ♥ -berts

This is very flattering, thank you!

Happy Holidays to you, too! <3

danbiaps said:
Gabi you're just awesome !

You’re too kind, Danu. :”)

queenofindecision said:
Eeeeeep! The new theme! <3 I truly miss all your pretty stuff on my dash, Gabi!

Yeah, I know, it’s been ages. I’m starting to feel guilty… well, guiltier.

Thank you for always being so sweet!

nabstew said:
Your new theme/look is awesome Gabi<333

Thank you, Naby! I’m so glad you like it. ♥

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